Notes: A project extension was necessary to compensate the effects of Covid-19 restrictions on the project. Work package durations were updated as follows:

  • WP1: M1-M42
  • WP2: M1-M44
  • WP3: M1-M46
  • WP4: M43-M54
  • WP5: M1-M54
  • WP6: M1-M54

Work Packages Details

WP1 provided the missing experimental data for ICI model completion. New experiments were performed to fill the main gaps and to provide the modellers with data necessary to formulate new models or to improve and re-calibrate existing ones.

WP2 completed the development of a comprehensive set of models for ICI. Building on HAIC outcomes and using data issued from WP1 and former research projects, ICI models were progressively improved and implemented in existing 2D codes for calibration and validation purposes. At the end of WP2, a numerical benchmark was organised to cross-check the different models and to select the best candidates for implementation in 3D numerical tools.

WP3 specified the requirements for the 3D tools and interacted with WP1 regarding test matrices definition and with WP2 for models specifications. It performed the necessary changes in the partners’ existing 3D multi-disciplinary tools to prepare the implementation of the new ICI models. The down-selected models issued from WP2 were then integrated. Finally, a series of preliminary validation tests were performed to ensure that all the tools are ready to run for WP4 applications.

WP4 performed the final assessment of the 3D tools developed in WP3. Relevant test cases for design and certification were defined and run by the industrial partners with the support of tool developers. The selected test cases were based on the existing industrial databases. Result analyses, qualitative results, main conclusions and best practices (and further needed developments if any) were shared and agreed among all partners.

WP5 undertook all the project level activities related to dissemination, communication and preparation for future exploitation. The TRL progress and interactions with the MAB were managed in this WP. The overall assessment and conclusions were performed in task 5.1 in close cooperation with the other WPs and especially with WP4.

WP6 was devoted to the project monitoring, administration and reporting to will ensure the technical consistency and convergence towards MUSIC-haic main objectives.

Project Partners