The following project abstract has been suplied to the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency INEA:

Ice crystal icing (ICI) is a safety concern that has become paramount for the aeronautic industry. MUSIC-haic is developing advanced icing numerical tools that could be used both as design tools to anticipate and reduce ICI hazards, and as accepted means of compliance during the certification process.

The MUSIC-haic research will provide a better physical understanding of mixed phase and ice crystal accretion phenomena, a set of improved and better validated models for all the underlying elementary physical processes, as well as 3D multiphysics mature simulation tools (TRL5-6) able to simulate ICI in real conditions and to support pre-design, design and certification of engines and aircraft. The need for the European aeronautics industry to use numerical simulation tools able to accurately predict ICI is urgent, especially regarding the development of the new generation engines. ICI is indeed extremely difficult to address through ground-testing and currently non-addressable with numerical tools.

MUSIC-haic is a follow-on project to the HAIC FP7 EU project, which initiated the development of appropriate numerical tools. MUSIC-haic gathers a consortium of 13 organisations from Europe and Russia. To fulfil its mission, MUSIC-haic also builds on a strong cooperation with major North-American teams.

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