Last June, the SAE International Conference on Icing of Aircraft, Engines, and Structures took place in Minneapolis (USA). This quadrennial conference is where industry and academia join to discuss their latest results related to icing.

New trends, knowledge, and solutions were discussed in more than 160 oral presentations that dove into every aspect of icing. Many MUSIC-haic partners attended the conference presenting and chairing sessions, the two researchers Pierre Trontin (ONERA, WP2) and Norbert Karpen (Airbus CRT, WP1) were awarded with the Outstanding Oral Presentation Award for their contribution in the sessions “Appendix C: Modeling - Ice Accretion & Film” and "Test facilities: Icing Wind Tunnel Instrumentation".

Below are the title and a short abstract of their presentation:

Pierre Trontin - A Shallow Water Type Model to Describe Dynamics of 3D Thin Partially Wetting Films

The objective is to take into account partially wetting films with the presence of a contact line. To deal with the molecular forces in the vicinity of the contact line with possible film breaking into rivulets, an additional pressure term called disjoining pressure has been added to the equation system. 3D validation has been performed with the pinching of a falling film and the transition into rivulets. The works offer a breakthrough perspective for simulations dedicated to electro-thermal ice protection systems with an accurate description of the dynamics of partially wetting films.

Norbert Karpen - Liquid Water Content Measurement with Laser Illuminated Imaging

Liquid Water Content (LWC) measurements are either intrusive or not spatially resolved. In this work in-situ Laser sheet illuminated cross section light scattering measurements were performed and correlated to icing blade measurements at the iCORE (Icing and Contamination Facility). The main objective was to confirm and analyze the accuracy of a non-intrusive LWC measurement technique, which could potentially complement common intrusive methods to expand the LWC measurement capabilities of the icing wind tunnel.

The full list of “SAE Engineering Events Outstanding Oral Presentation Award” recipients can be found here.

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